Scraper Service Whishlist

At Skimbl, we are monitoring restaurants’ guest reviews for a whole bunch of websites to provide Quality Control reports to restaurant groups.

Since most of the sites we monitor don’t have any API, we need to regularly parse their HTML. Whenever a site changes or something breaks, I need to be notified and react accordingly. While I am reasonably happy with what I came up with, I still think it could be done in a much better way, as a service.

There are already a bunch of services dealing with scrapping. None of them really matches our needs. Hopefully I am not the only folk in this situation.

What I need is a scrapping service for geeks with Quality Control and UI sweetness. The same way Sublime Text is an editor for geeks with an amazing UI.

This service would be used to: #

In order to do that, such a service would allow its users to: #

So far, none of,, KimonoLabs or any other fits the bill. Did I miss anything?


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